Sunday, April 03, 2005

Politics ain't baseball

What nauseates me more than people who are totally ignorant to politics and issues in general are those who pretend to, or have fooled themselves into thinking that they have all the answers, because they are this or that. I'm a ----------- (fill in the blank). "Political Tow Truck" is a pretty accurate title in my opinion because they tow the party line all the way to the bitter end, Democrats and Republicans alike. Politics and having feelings on issues shouldn't be like having a favorite baseball team. But if you pay attention, most people do cheer for "their team" and the real issues go by the wayside. Some of these morons in all reality would or should be wearing a big styrofoam finger with the party they support emblazoned across it, or perhaps a hot button issue of the day. "GEORGE BUSH IZ DUMB!","NO ONE HAS A RIGHT TO DIE!", "DEMOCRATS ARE FAGS!", "REPUBLICANS ARE JERKS!", or anything else summing up complex issues into simple ideas or statements. Relying on anyone, a person you know, a columnist, or a network news anchor to tell you what is or isn't the way to feel makes you a complete tool.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Smash my face with a hammer, I'm Irish!!!

The end of March guarantees a few things pretty consistently. The end of winter, baseball is just around the corner, a few silly geese will play jokes on you at the beginning of the next month, and the Irish will annoy all with their stupid sayings and in your face pride to celebrate a holiday for a person not even of Irish descent. "Saint Patricks's Day". Unless you're a first generation immigrant to this country or live with one, you are probably so far removed from your heritage you should really just consider yourself American, and mention your heritage only when it's inquired about. Most of us pretty much do this already, since no one gives a shit where you're ancestors came from. However, there will always be the fucking Irish. Enough with the stupid shirts, sayings, and green. We get it, people go out and drink on March 17th, fine. Just shut up with the stupid "pride" and Irish this Irish that, green beer, green clothes. We get it. Luck of the Irish = having a small dick and never getting a tan. Send some of that magic my way.